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  • Jo Middleton

Life in Lockdown

What unprecedented times we were thrown into on 23rd March. So much that we took for granted was taken away in a more visiting parents/grandparents/ family, no nights out with friends, no more nipping into the supermarket for the forgotten ingredient and no more face to face appointments with the dentist!!

Although the practice closed, so no clinical work could be done, my work, which is behind the scenes , all of a sudden doubled! I found myself sending emails and videos to over 1000 patients so that we could keep up communications as to what was happening, bills still needed paying, clinical waste needed collecting and then suspending, study models and impressions needed that was a big job!

We have to keep all models for 11 years, so I thought I would make use of this time to order them into years!

Paul has been on the end of the phone 7 days a week.All our patients have been fantastic.

Patients have been phoning with any dental problems and taking part in video consultations or sending in photos so that Paul can best diagnose the problem. He has been out most days delivering antibiotics and other oral health products that our patients can only get from the practice.

In order to be ready to go back into work both Paul and I have joined several dental groups, which include some big names in the world of dentistry! We are on webinars and zoom meetings most days, twice a day discussing our return to work procedures with a whole host of other dental professionals! And on top of that we are researching and purchasing essential PPE. So, to be honest it's all been a bit non-stop!!

As a mum, I have found some elements of lockdown hard, obviously not like any key worker or NHS staff, but working from home brings it's own challenges. It's hard to fit everything in, work, exersise, home schooling....with a 14 year old, which is a real challenge! And teenagers eat all day , so you can only imagine the state of the kitchen!

As for the house, I have decided no one is visiting, so, it's the basic cleaning that is getting done!! It's not as if anyone is coming to visit!

Having said that, we have made some great memories so far during lockdown, we have been on bike rides and walks with the kids , baked for England, the weather has been brilliant, I found a new office space under the wisteria, and we managed to celebrate VE day with the neighbours...all social distancing with camp chairs along the pavement!

We are looking forward to being able to re-open as soon as we get the official guidance and once we are fully equipped with the correct PPE to keep both our staff and patients safe.

Stay home and Stay safe. If you are a registered patient, please call us on 07846515329 with any dental queries.

See you all soon



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