• Jo Middleton

Moving with the times

I’m Jo, Paul’s wife. I thought I would add a photo to introduce myself, but it was tricky finding one of me on my own! To clarify, I don't usually look this smart, this photo was taken on my out to a friends wedding in December!

Now, I'm not dentally trained in any way, in fact I studied languages at University and qualified as a translator. I wasn’t sure I fancied sitting in an office all day translating, so decided to head into language teaching, but at primary level. What primary language teaching I hear you say!!! Indeed, hence why I ended up leaving the teaching profession!! At around the same time Paul bought the practice and somehow over the years I have ended up getting more and more involved with the practice. You probably don’t see me too often, as I’m a bit like Quasimodo, but rather than being hidden away in a bell tower, I’m in the upstairs office! Occasionally I cover the reception and thankfully all our lovely patients are very ‘patient’ with me whilst I book in their appointments! Working at the practice has been and still is a learning curve. The biggest obstacle or worry that we have, is not moving with the times and being left behind. I don’t mean with regards to dental treatment, as Paul is always on courses learning new techniques, but we apparently need a ‘high social media presence!’

My kids tell me I am well behind the times, I can just about use Facebook and now they tell me it’s Instagram or snap chat I need to be on! My life isn’t really exciting enough to be posting on Instagram. I don’t go to trendy bars and bump into celebs, I can’t say that I’m the most fashionable dresser and by the time I’ve done a day at work, I literally throw the family dinner onto the plate and the last thing I am going to do is post a photo of it! Unfortunately Paul, you didn’t marry Nigella!

Social media is totally overwhelming, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, snap chat, Instagram...

I am told that to keep the business moving with the times I need to be posting regularly on social media and I need to be writing blogs!!! So, here I am! The first blog of many, I hope! Don’t worry though, they will probably be monthly!! It’s going to be hard enough to think of the Facebook and Instagram posts that apparently need to be out there several times a week! In fact if any of our lovely patients are not camera shy, we would love a few snaps of you for our social media posts!

Thanks for reading and don’t hesitate to call us with any questions about your oral health!