Recent advances in dental care have greatly increased both the number of cases that can be treated and the number of available options. This process can be expected to continue and with that in mind, The Dental Lounge offers a review and consultancy service to discuss your dental treatment options.

In the real world, every dental care case really is different and, rather than simply offering you a list of treatments, at The Dental Lounge we prefer to discuss each case individually in order to establish exactly what is right for you, your condition and your budget.

In some very complex dental treatment cases such as larger implants or particularly demanding root canal treatments, we may recommend referring you to one of a small group of specialist dental care colleagues with whom we work closely and trust implicitly.

All dental treatment options are explained and demonstrated in detail during our consultation sessions. However, you can see some examples of our work in our photo gallery section, as well as finding further information about the possible treatments you may consider on the following FAQ pages.